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Future Champions Coach Mentorship Program

Future Champions is proud to offer a range of learning opportunities for community coaches. The heart of

the mentorship program hinges on the individual contact with each coach and the ability of the Future

Champions Staff to tailor sessions both on and off the ice to meet the coach and their teams needs. Each

session is defined by the community coach and their input. The mentorship program consists of three

specific learning opportunities:

  1. Workshop sessions

2. On ice individual team sessions

3. Off Ice Athletic Development sessions

Workshop Sessions:

The workshop sessions are catered to the coaching groups (age and skill specific) needs during specific

phases of the season (Pre Season vs Competitive Season). The underlying philosophy of the workshops is

to provide coaches with the basic tools of success. Possible areas of discussion include:

Planning the season

Fundamental Skill development – skill analysis and teaching progressions

Communicating with Clarity

Conflict resolution

Goal Setting – Performance Goals vs Long and Short Term Goals

Practice Planning

Creating learning environments

Learning styles

Team building: athletes, coaches, and parents

Skill Continuum

Example: Skill Continuum –

By providing coaches with a defined skill continuum, Lorrie Horne’s Future Champions in conjunction with

the Ringette Association is striving to make your coaching experience more enjoyable and rewarding. The

Future Champions Skill Continuum is a user friendly tool designed to provide coaches with a teaching

“checklist” to design their season plan and weekly practices. The premise behind the creation of the skill

continuum was to aid the Coaches in organizing their season and their teaching / coaching practices. If

Coaches are consistently working from a common set of expectations, the expected end result in time is

that the athletes of the association will have a more consistent player development path. By gaining

consistency in teaching at each developmental level, both the coaches and athletes should have more

time to focus on development over the long term.

The Future Champions Skill Continuum is meant to be a flexible guide for the coaches. Coaches will still

need to fine tune and make adjustments, if necessary, to meet the demands of their players and team.

Eventually, from season to season, the coaches will gain consistency in the skill levels of the athletes they

are assigned to coach on a yearly basis. This is not a tool that is intended to take away the coaches

freedom in the creativity in designing their own seasonal plans, rather it is intended to provide loose

guidelines and assist in the seasonal / practice planning process.

On Ice Individual Skill Sessions:

The outcome of the individual skill sessions is to insure that the coaches have a greater understanding of

planning, key teaching points, key execution points, and teaching progressions of relevant fundamental

skills and the drills utilized to teach the athletes. The primary focus of these sessions is on the coaches and

the coaching staffs. It is a primary outcome that the coaches leave the ice with a greater understanding

and knowledge of the teaching process. The long term benefit is that the coaches will continue to teach in

a consistent manner and the athletes will benefit for years to come. The skill continuum is a key tool in

the long term success of this component of the mentorship program.

Off Ice Athletic Development Sessions:

The focus of the off-ice athletic development sessions are to provide coaches with a basic practical

knowledge of training activities to enhance the young athletes agility, balance, and coordination. It is

important for coaches to gain both a  theoretical and practical knowledge base in order for them to be

comfortable in facilitating the sessions. The sessions have a fun yet challenging twist to inspire and

challenge the young athletes to gain new skills, strength, and endurance.

The Future Champions Coach Mentorship Program has a holistic approach to coach training. The technical

information is presented in an easily understood and applied manner. Coaches are provided opportunities

for one on one discussion, group discussion, and networking. The end result is the creation of a strong

coaching community in the local community associations.

Future Champions is dedicated to the building of strong foundations for long term success in the sport of


For more information and to book your sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Email: future.champions.ringette@gmail.com